Casual Summer Look.

Casual Summer Look.

Hello Beauty Lovers.


Today I start a fresh series of articles on fashion and looks that I like. For my first article I share with you my favorite look for this summer. In France we have a very hot weather, it is quite common to live with 36 degrees outside. This is why I have chosen to wear a nice skirt and a simple top. Let be honest, sometimes we don’t want to search for hours for chic clothes but we want to look good. My tips ? Take a special outfit, that is not common and try to mix it with your clothes. As fashion addicts, we may have something in our closet.

My special outfit: this skirt from Koton, a Turkish brand that I love.


Focus on the skirt.

My top is from Pimkie, I bought it in France for 10€. A very good deal. It is very light and I do not feel it even with the hot temperature.



With ot without shoes it does not really matter because sometimes I like to stay barefoot to feel the grass.

I let you have a global look at this look. Hope you’ll enjoy.


DSCN4583My sunglasses come from Jennyfer, another French store. I love them, they really give me the impression to be in vacation even if I am still at work.



I had a lot of fun taking these pictures. I really felt like a kid in summer holidays.


What do you think about this look?

See you soon Beauty Lovers.


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