Top & Flop – July 2016

Top & Flop – July 2016

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July is already over, it was a month full of adventures and emotions for me. I tested several products but only two of them stood out: the Etude House‘s suncreen Sunprise Dust Block and the Daniel Jouvance‘s repair balm for dry and damaged hands.

♥ Sunprise Dust Block from Etude House.

Sunprise Dust Block from Etude House.

The Sunprise Dust Block from Etude House is SPF50+ and PA+++. I’ve talked about it in a video about my Testerkorea Haul.

The end piece of the Sunprise Dust Block from Etude House.

I used this sunscreen durint my entire Trip in Asia and I liked it ! It works well, I had no sunburns at all on my face, and as it is not white when you apply it, I was able to do my makeup as usual. It did not melt either, even if outside it was at almost always 33°C.

The Sunscreen.
The Etude House’s sunscreen after application.

This trip in Asia was a real crash test for this sunscreen because I went to 4 countries with very hot temperatures and a lot of humidity. I had no problem with it so I can only recommend it. It is available on Kbeauty online store and Eutde House Global for 13,20 euros.


♠ Repair Balm for dry and damaged hands from Daniel Jouvance.

Repair balm from Daniel Jouvance.

It is the second time that I talk about a Daniel Jouvance product on this blog. I don’t really use this brand except when someone offer me a product. As you may guess someone gave me this hand balm before my departure for Asia this summer.

The end piece of the balm.

This repair balm is very liquid, and the end piece isn’t made to display a small amount of product. You only can get a pat of product, but as it is very liquid it is too much for two hands. The balm is also very difficult to absorb, and I really hate to have to wait my hands up for 5 minutes.

A pat of balm.
A pat of balm spread on one entire hand.

As you can see above, a pat of balm spread on one entire end is too much and it is almost as if I had barely spread it on the back of my hand. You don’t even imagine when the end piece relases too much product and no only a pat… The product is also very greasy and that doesn’t mean that it is hydrating! I’ve only used this balm in July and my hands have never been so dry.

I do not recommend you to try this repair balm from Daniel Jouvance, but if you want you can find one that seems to be the same on their website, here. I was not able to find the exact one, maybe they changed the packaging or changed their formula…

See you next month for a new Top and a new Flop !


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