Top & Flop – May 2016

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This month’s Top & Flop are both 100% from Korea and 100% from Too Cool for School. I bought these two products at the Galeries Lafayettes Haussmann in Paris several months ago, but I only talk about them now because I wanted to try them before giving my opinion. Today I can say that one is my Top and the other one just a Flop !

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♦ My Top : the Egg Mellow Cream.

The Egg Mellow Cream.

The Egg Mellow Cream is one of the main products of Too Cool for School. It is one of the “egg” collection, with sheetmaks, cleansers etc. The Egg Mellow Cream is a 5 in 1 day cream, with an essence, lotion, face cream, eye cream and mask. Yeah just that !

The Egg Mellow Cream from Too Cool for School.

I did not buy it for its 5 in 1 actions, but because the seller told me that everybody loves it, so I just thought why not ! I have an oily skin type, so I was a bit afraid to have a glowy look with this cream, but actually not at all ! I was very surprised.

The Egg Mellow Cream’s texture.
The Egg Mellow Cream.

It’s texture is between a creamy and gelatinous one, it is quite difficult to explain but it kinds of look like an egg texture. But nothing gross ! My skin absorbs it very well, even better than my former one.

I am using the Egg Mellow Cream for two months now, and I love it ! My skin is very pretty, even prettier than before. I have less imperfections, less tugs and less red patches as I could have before. For the anecdote, during the Poulette Candy Party, I used Ioma‘s face analytical machine that revealed that my skin is perfectly moisturized. Back then I was already using this cream for 1 month.

The Egg Mellow Cream costs 35 euros, it is a bit expensive but it is a very good and I think I’ll buy it again.

♦ My Flop : the Marshmallow puff.

The Marshmallow puff.

I love the packaging ! It is sooooo pretty !

Too Cool For School’s Marshmallow puff.

The Marshmallow puff is the second puff that I buy, the first one was from Etude House. This latter was already too hard but this one is… worse. Even when you soak it, it stays hard and it doesn’t apply the foundation or concealer well. Of course it is also very unpleasant on the skin.

Lately I have been using the Garnier classic BB cream, and even if it is a bit more liquid than other BB creams it is still unbelievable to see almost half the product disappearing in the sponge!

The Marshmallow puff is for me a disappointment. If you ever tried it, tell us in the comment section below if you liked it or not.

The pink Marshmallow puff from Too Cool for School.

Do you have a Top or a Flop this month ?


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